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We believe every company is a digital business!   We host monthly events where you can share your company's vision, technology solution, and capabilities with an audience of interested business and IT executives.    

Present, Sponsor, or Both ! If you are ready to demonstrate your companies value and generate new connections and opportunities, consider signing up for one of our Drinks N Digital or Digital Leadership events.  

We are seeking Presenters (30 minute segments +Q&A), Sponsors (companies who want to bring special attention to their brand and value), or Both who are ready to share their capabilities and ensure a great event together.   These are not revenue generating events - they are business development opportunities for all attendees, presenters, and sponsors to ensure great digital capabilities in Chicago are known and people connect!   

Our events are something different - specifically we showcase capabilities, take interactive questions from the audience, and  have 'hands on' demonstrations with those in attendance.   Food and beverages are served, networking and business development happens, and you are able to increase your leads as a result!   


Sign up today to select your preferred date and venue for the Digital events we host!   We will work with you to evaluate the proposed content, confirm logistics, and help promote through our social media and email marketing efforts.   We want to help all parties grow in this effort, and look forward to working with you!   Click on the button below to select the date, format /venue, and role you would like in our schedule this year! 

Drink N Digital December 2016 - 85 companies in attendance with TouchCR solutions ( ) 

Drink N Digital December 2016 - 85 companies in attendance with TouchCR solutions (

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