Top points from Dreamforce 2016 - Einstein knows how to help you sell

This year’s Dreamforce event concluded in San Francisco had innovation for everyone in the announcements and partnerships, with a common thread of tech conferences being the unveiling of SalesForce Einstein, the new artificial intelligence engine soon to be part of the Salesforce eco-system.

Key Salesforce announcements worth note included:

Einstein is here to help 

Cognitive computing at the core of the Salesforce platform.  With the launch of Einstein, companies will now be able to augment the age old ‘sales instincts’ with predictive lead scoring, analytics which leverage real time data of business announcements, and behavioral reports which help companies surface the best potential buyers, most needy support customers, and best ‘next actions’ to take as a services / sale professional.    Similar to IBM Watson, Microsoft Cortana, and the Google DeepMind A.I. capabilities brought to commercial use in the past year, Einstein will provide a new layer of insights, advice, and support to business users of the SF platform.   (read more here)

Making the SF user experience ‘hyper flexible’ and intuitive

A common complaint heard with SF implementations (especially those pre Lightning interface) is the difficulty in navigating the screens and menus to arrive at actionable information.   This has been overcome in part last year with Lightning and the UX changes, and further enabled with the component capabilities launched this week.   The ability to intuitively drag and drop data elements, from dashboards to reports, makes the SF experience a much more intuitive capability.    

Developer friendly with Salesforce Dx

Salesforce, like many platforms, has had limitations in the past on what programmatically was possible, and integrated with only a handful of programming environments and eco-systems.   With Salesforce Dx, developers will now be able to leverage an open dev environment, writing across over a dozen different languages into the SF platform.   Version management (always a challenge in team development) is now intuitive and automations of test environments make the process of writing, testing, and launching iteratively a major improvement.  

300 Apps Lightning ready and counting

With over 300 Lightening ready applications available in the App Exchange for SF, many of the leading integration solutions are now completely compatible with the Lightening platform.   Salesforce’s encouragement to the partner community to conclude the migrations to Lightening for the balance of solutions was a major nudge for many of the partner players.   This is good news for customers and companies, ensuring that the journey from one version of SF to another will conclude in the near future with partner eco-system help.

Time to better collaborate, and chatbot enable Salesforce

Collaboration and chatbot capabilities were frequently cited during keynotes and presentations, including a partnership with Slack and Quip, an acquisition from earlier this year.   Mobility is clearly in the sights for SF in their efforts here.   This is crucial, as the SF Mobile application today has limited capabilities for teams to work together.   Look for more here in the months ahead.   

Acquisitions matter

Acquisitions do matter, with the announcement this week of Krux purchase by SF for over $700m US.  Krux, a digital marketing / data management platform that helps companies better target and campaign pursue customers.   (read the Krux announcement here)

Branding matters

Finally, the SF Trailblazer branding and sales promotion identity was unveiled, bringing home to many how friendly the SF user experience is becoming with these latest innovations and capabilities.  

What does this all mean for business leaders and customers?  

In short, Salesforce is taking the cognitive sales and service cloud to the market head on, and challenging other competitors to bring their A game.  

From the Dreamforce conference this week - with improved usability, greater flexibility and speed with development, deeper capabilities with acquisitions, and an embedding cognitive platform, Salesforce is helping companies focus on what matters most – the customer.  

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