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Lights, Digital, Action: In the age of A.I. marketing, telling a compelling story through digital video matters


In the age of A.I. content marketing, telling a compelling story is now a video experience

Author: Mark Daniel

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is enabling a new toolset for marketing that promises to increase your visibility with potential customers. People walking by your business or some location selling your products will soon be getting a message or informational video selling them on the benefits of your goods and services and perhaps offering them a special discount.

While there has been a huge investment in perfecting these AI offerings, most businesses still have difficulty telling their story once they have an audience. If the person gets an informational video that doesn’t make sense, takes too long to tell or is just plain boring, customers will probably remember NOT to buy from that vendor in the future.

Businesses need to learn how to communicate with their potential customers in the digital world before they make mistakes that can ruin their brand. Many are turning to professional video and filmmakers to tell their story. Unfortunately, most of those filmmakers don’t know how to tell your story and will produce a useless and sometimes harmful video that sets your business back instead of moving things forward.


Finding The Story

Lights, Digital, Action - Before you think about producing a digital video for your sales and marketing efforts, you need to know how to build your story:

  • What is the problem that your goods and services solve (people are hungry for a tasty sandwich)
  • Why are your goods and services the right solution for them (Our sandwich is tasty, quick to buy, inexpensive and easy to eat on the run)
  • What are the benefits to the customer (You’ll stop being hungry while loving the sandwich you are eating. In fact, you may want another!).

Sounds simple, right? Then why do so many businesses put out confusing or uninteresting
videos that do nothing to generate interest in their products?

The reasons are many, but one of the biggest is that telling the right story in the right way can be hard for most people. Also, much of the messaging done today, especially video, is done in a manner that cannot be quickly and easily absorbed by the customer. Videos become longwinded explanations best suited for trade shows or become too quick and cryptic to allow the customer to understand why they should bother with you in the first place.


Positioning The Story

AI is helping us move beyond the “search and find” world of the internet and moving to
becoming our personal concierge.
The way that happens is to make content available to the
customer without waiting for serendipity to happen.

To position the content in the right way, every message you create must be accompanied with detailed metadata to will allow the AI tools to pick the right messages for the right people.

Today’s content is usually metadata poor and cannot be used to target interested customers. It’s the metadata about the story that helps find the interested potential customer and the story itself that helps get the business.

It really is no longer a matter of putting a video out on YouTube for the customer to find or to be linked to from your web page.

Most informational videos will soon be pushed to the viewer through AI. Those viewers may never go to your web page ever. That’s good news for you if you have the right story ready for them. It’s bad news if you have the wrong story.   

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Digital video: the next frontier of digital engagement

Live video.  Video blogs.  Video everything.  The brave new world of video engagement is here.  Combined with collaboration technologies like Facebook Workplace or Salesforce Community Cloud, the ability to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge is reaching a new level of digital engagement. The question is, are you ready to leverage effectively?    
Video on the Internet is far from new.   Video streaming has been in our lives pervasively now for nearly a decade, and on our mobile devices in the past five years more often.  

What is new is the commercial ability to integrate, embed, and engage your audience in effective ways.  A major change in the business universe is thelaunch this month of live streaming video on LinkedIn.  Taking a queue from Facebook, the ability to stream video messages to your subscribers will soon occupy more of our business networking real estate.  

We tried it ourselves this month. The video promotion for Practically Digital above  is a good example of how easy, and effective the outcome can be.  Utilizing a handful of technologies and $150 in licensed content, we engaged thousands of people.  We had dozens follow up with a query, and several new client leads were generated. 
Video is more than advertising though.   Guided video sales is a new experience as well.  As part of our sales proposals, we deliver a client portal and include a guided video outlining the opportunity.  The extra level of experience both demonstrates digital value and differentiates. 

Video is collaboration.  Starbucks utilizes the Facebook Workplace platform and streaming Live video to engage store managers throughout the US weekly.  This provides real time engagement from the CEO to the unit manager - a major difference in management.   

Curious to learn what options exist for better video engagement?  Get in touch and we can share the better practices to differentiate your business! 

Why every company is a digital business

Insights from our first anniversary event: The TouchCR story

Why digital is everyone’s business
Last evening, we celebrated our first anniversary with a holiday event with 80+ attendees, and an amazing keynote from CEO Al Corona, Suzanne Mehta, and Ritchie Hale at TouchCR sharing their business journey.
TouchCR’s origin, a consumer products company needing a better digital marketing solution, was faced with a common digital problem.  The had a large amount of customer data, a need for better targeting of customers, and no evident marketing solution in their industry to meet the needs. 

To solve, they built a better digital marketing platform on top of Salesforce, leveraging the existing SF components and solving for a better solution as Business 2 Consumer (B2C) company.  Having solved their need as a business, they are now taking their digital offering to other B2C companies as a profitable opportunity.  The traction they are seeing is amazing, and the audience last night was extremely engaged with the possibilities.
The TouchCR journey illustrates the digital reality every business faces.  The abundance of data, finding how to better engage customers with insights that data brings, and driving growth quickly– is a strategic ambition for every company. 
The digital insight: Finding the right digital solution for your company is driven first and foremost by your business priorities (and often pain).  Growth, better market engagement, and leveraging your digital assets (information in most cases) to your advantage are areas we help companies identify and help achieve for their own digital journey.   Take a note from TouchCR - leveraging (your data and existing platforms) and going fast forward helps drive market leadership, and ultimately growth!    Thank you to TouchCR for their presentation last night, and partnership in our event! 

Digital business is possible for any company - to learn how we help clients find their answer, get in touch for your 2017 digital strategy assessment!