Digital leadership with PMI of Chicagoland

On Friday May 20th, PMI (Project Management Institute) of Chicago gathered at the Chevy Chase Country Club of Wheeling, IL for their leadership forum.  Rob McGillen, CEO of Practically Digital, joined a great panel of speakers and experts, to share innovation insights for project managers and leaders of Chicago.

"Project management is crucial to delivering any innovation to market" commented Rob McGillen"Having built project management offices (PMOs), led teams around the world, and had the opportunity to work with many great project managers, the discipline and experience that PMP experts bring is crucial to any innovative success." 

Michael Docherty, author of Collective Disruption  spoke to the importance of letting go in the digital age and embracing success through collaboration.   

Rob joined digital leaders including Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Michael Docherty, Patrick Venetucci, Silvia Prickel, Andy Myslicki, Craig Thielen, and Lisa Senter during the day's presentations.     

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Tech in the Park: Practically Digital joins ESG and their clients for a great event

May 13th - Milwaukee, WI - Practically Digital joined ESG at their annual "Tech in the Park" client event at Miller Stadium, bringing together business leaders of the upper midwest to meet the vendors of the ESG portfolio of solutions.  

"ESG has been in business 40+ years, providing leading technology services to their clients with innovative products" commented Rob McGillen, CEO of Practically Digital.  "ESGs clients are 'raving fans', demonstrating a clear focus on quality service and great delivery over decades.  My thanks to leadership at ESG - Roy Vande Hey, Jake Vande Hey, Jeff Weber, and Jim Harper, for including Practically Digital at 'Tech in the Park'.

During the event, Wes Durow , CMO of Mitel spoke, providing the gathered customers a view of the Mitel / Polycom future and how they will be delivering further innovations to Mitel customers globally.  ESG, a leading Mitel provider and implementer, is a key contact for anyone considering a telecommunications platform upgrade.   

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Practically Digital shares high tea with i.c. stars

Rob McGillen, founder and CEO of Practically Digital, met with the team at i.c. stars during their weekly 'high tea' program.   The 'high tea' program helps connects technology executives with members of the i.c. stars community.   Topics covered in such sessions include business / technology challenges, innovations and inspirations, and helping the members of i.c. stars learn how executives 'started their journey'.  

Rob McGillen shared with the group his journey as a global CIO (and prior roles at Grant Thornton LLP) and the insights gained from working across five continents.   "Understanding the why, and why not, helps all of us become better innovators" commented Rob McGillen. "We discussed why, and where, the tea ceremony came from and how that illustrated the impacts of innovation, globalization, and international commerce.   To change the world, you need to understand where things are starting from." 

ic. stars team with Rob McGillen

ic. stars team with Rob McGillen

About i.c. stars

Since 1999, i.c.stars has been identifying, training, and jump-starting technology careers for Chicago-area low-income young adults who, although lacking access to education and employment, demonstrate extraordinary potential for success in the business world and for impact in their communities.

The i.c. stars program is grounded in the conviction that the fundamentals necessary to succeed in technology services are the same as those necessary for community leadership. We believe that when young adults focus their talent on both technology services and community impact, their success in both increases significantly.  

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Practically Digital and Aragon Research Announce Strategic Partnership focused on Digital Transformation

CHICAGO, April 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Practically Digital, a Chicago-based technology consulting firm that focuses on helping companies achieve digital transformation, announces a strategic partnership with Aragon Research and jointly launching a new Consulting offering focused on Digital Business and Transformation. Working as strategic partners, Practically Digital and Aragon will provide consulting services that help clients adopt better digital solutions.

"Aragon Research provides leading insights into emerging digital disruptors of Silicon Valley and in technology sectors useful to all businesses," said Rob McGillen, founder and CEO of Practically Digital. "Bringing those insights together with our proven transformation experiences makes perfect sense, and is something different than found elsewhere in the market today. Together, we provide the 'why', 'what', and 'how' for clients in their digital transformation journey."

Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research commented, "I have worked with Rob for many years and look forward to our strategic partnership." Lundy continued, "Our deep understanding of strategy and technology makes for the perfect combination to help clients succeed."

Rob McGillen will join Aragon Research in an advisory capacity as "CIO in Residence" as part of the strategic partnership. Prior to founding Practically Digital, Rob was the global head of technology and CIO for Grant Thornton LLP, a public accounting firm located in 130 countries with 40,000+ employees.  

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About Practically Digital
Practically Digital is a Chicago based technology consulting firm which specializes in digital strategy formation, innovative technology solutions, cognitive computing applications, and IT due diligence / mergers support. With a focus on entrepreneurial and growth minded companies, Practically Digital helps business leaders achieve digital transformation through practical advice. For more information, visit

About Aragon Research
Aragon Research is the newest technology research and advisory firm. Aragon delivers high impact advisory, interactive research and consulting services to provide enterprises the insight they need to help them make better technology and strategy decisions. Aragon Research serves business and IT leaders and has a proven team of veteran analysts. For more information, visit

Practically Digital joins the Illinois Technology Association (ITA)

Practically Digital has joined the ranks of technology innovators and start-up companies which are members of the Illinois Technology Association (ITA).    As a member of the association, Practically Digital will be sharing expert insights on digital operations, transformation strategy, and how entrepreneurial businesses can jump ahead with new platforms.    

"We are excited about membership with the ITA" shared Rob McGillen, CEO.   "Being part of the technology community in Illinois, we look forward to sharing our experiences with the cohort of entrepreneurs and investors that are part of the association.  The mission of the ITA to help companies grow, build, and elevate in Illinois and is completely aligned with our own vision."

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