Digital video: the next frontier of digital engagement

Live video.  Video blogs.  Video everything.  The brave new world of video engagement is here.  Combined with collaboration technologies like Facebook Workplace or Salesforce Community Cloud, the ability to connect, collaborate, and share knowledge is reaching a new level of digital engagement. The question is, are you ready to leverage effectively?    
Video on the Internet is far from new.   Video streaming has been in our lives pervasively now for nearly a decade, and on our mobile devices in the past five years more often.  

What is new is the commercial ability to integrate, embed, and engage your audience in effective ways.  A major change in the business universe is thelaunch this month of live streaming video on LinkedIn.  Taking a queue from Facebook, the ability to stream video messages to your subscribers will soon occupy more of our business networking real estate.  

We tried it ourselves this month. The video promotion for Practically Digital above  is a good example of how easy, and effective the outcome can be.  Utilizing a handful of technologies and $150 in licensed content, we engaged thousands of people.  We had dozens follow up with a query, and several new client leads were generated. 
Video is more than advertising though.   Guided video sales is a new experience as well.  As part of our sales proposals, we deliver a client portal and include a guided video outlining the opportunity.  The extra level of experience both demonstrates digital value and differentiates. 

Video is collaboration.  Starbucks utilizes the Facebook Workplace platform and streaming Live video to engage store managers throughout the US weekly.  This provides real time engagement from the CEO to the unit manager - a major difference in management.   

Curious to learn what options exist for better video engagement?  Get in touch and we can share the better practices to differentiate your business!