The Business Case for Machine Learning: An illustrated example

A common question we help clients solve ‘why would we utilize machine learning (and/or cognitive computing)?’  is answered through a partnership announced this week.

A business problem nearly every company faces today: making sense of the massive amounts of data the various business systems generate each minute of each day. As more companies shift to cloud and big data systems, the information about those very systems (and clouds) themselves is growing exponentially.

More importantly, taking action when the data and performance monitors indicates an issue is arising for customers or colleagues is key to continuous business operations. Stable and healthy business platforms make for happy customers. This is something that companies have wrestled with since the invention of computing systems, often throwing staff, numerous monitoring tools, and significant data analytics funds to address. The race to understand and act has been a continuous and often losing one for most companies.

An illustrative better answer to address this need, was made clear this week via a partnership announcement between SumoLogic and New Relic. These two cloud companies, working in concert - bring their best capabilities together and help solve the need via machine learning and real time infrastructure monitoring.   

New Relic (, a leader in infrastructure monitoring and management for data centers and corporate IT platforms, provides a cloud-based dashboard and resolution management platform for businesses of all sizes.  The amount of systems monitored data that companies generate across their data centers, databases, and now IoT / sensor arrays, is growing exponentially each day.    New Relic aggregates it and provides visibility into the performance levels of a company’s systems, especially during peak times.   

The ability to make sense of all of the data that such a monitoring platform needs to address, and do it with a machine learning insights is now possible from a company like SumoLogic (  SumoLogic, also a cloud-based platform, provides a machine learning offering that makes sense of extremely large data sets, allowing customers to analyze and act on information that is found within the piles of data that are being generated continuously.

The partnership of the two – New Relic’s integration and monitoring abilities, combined with SumoLogics machine learning analysis, provides companies something not previously available: faster-than-human analysis and actions related to cloud platforms and extremely large data sets.   

Now, the impossible task of making sense of it all, is possible.

For companies that utilize one or both platforms today (and run atop the world’s largest cloud provider, Amazon AWS), this is a welcome and much needed capability.  

As companies increasingly implement data generating platforms, making sense of the performance data (health of systems, up times across large arrays of sensors and data center assets, and applications performance) and being able to automate responses is a benefit that ensure the right things are managed (efficiency), drives efficiency (savings), and provides for a better customer experience with higher availability.    All crucial to any company considering a digital business platform and experience.

Why does a company need machine learning and cognitive computing in an era of big data? Because we are building businesses moving too fast and too complex to manage ourselves without help from real time A.I. resources.   Such partnership and capabilities make it possible for us to focus on what matters- the customer experience, in a digital world.