IBM brings the era of Cognitive Business into reality

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty with AlexdaKid discussing the creative process and IBM Watson together

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty with AlexdaKid discussing the creative process and IBM Watson together

IBM Brings the era of Cognitive Business into reality

As the IBM World of Watson concludes here in Las Vegas , the message is clear from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty ‘IBM Watson is our moonshot – meant to improve the human condition with artificial intelligence’.

IBM publicly launched the cognitive computing Watson platform  in 2011.  In it's debut performance, the thinking machine platform was pit against leading human experts on worldwide facts via the US television program Jeopardy.  Watson won.  From these early starts, IBM has been on a steady (and commercial) march towards bringing the Watson platform to the masses.

This week from the stage and conference, it seems IBM has hit critical mass on cognitive business, with a wide spectrum of industries covered, a deep understanding how the artificial intelligence platform can help companies, and announcements of new innovations only possible with IBM Watson platform.  


If the concept of a thinking machine solving humankind’s problems seems far-fetched, consider a recent CBS News broadcast on the benefits in cancer treatment.  

As the 3-minute video clip outlines, the top medical minds in rare cancer treatment achieved the same results as IBM Watson in diagnosis 99% of the time – and Watson found an additional 30% newly uncovered treatments, not known to the doctors, which could prove new courses of treatment for otherwise terminal patients.  (watch the video

IBM Watson is now super charging your mobile experience

An interesting announcement (and in part from the partnership with Apple) from the conference include Watson integration on mobile platforms natively, interacting with you verbally and via text to the databases and systems which it has been connected.  

“Watson, tell me which quarters last year of our business had 20% revenue increases within 100 miles of my location now” via an iPhone voice query is now possible, and without a single line of text typed.   The results can be immediately reviewed, forwarded onto team members, or shared with customers or business leaders.     Being able to answer complex, conditional, and situational is one of the strengths of the IBM Watson platform, all supported by the IBM Cloud infrastructure in 47 countries worldwide.  

A new way to Work with IBM Watson for Work services

Imagine a digital assistant continuously scanning your volume of data sources, and finding the 'signal' through the noise that matters.   That is Watson for Work Services - enabling your daily work flow of information (from email, to twitter, to corporate shared databases and fixed reports) to be analyzed, prioritized, and trended for you.  

You can query (again via voice, mobile, or keyboard) and engage with the various conversations – and Watson pulls the information together into coherent ‘streams’ of collaboration within a team.  

As illustrated by IBM leader Inhi Cho Suh (@inhcho) and IBM team members, the capabilities to bring together dozens of data sources for business decision making into a meaningful flow of information for each employee of a company is a major leap ahead.    

Advancing the regulated industries landscape with cognitive

A third area of transformation is the work IBM is doing with the cognitive analysis in industries heavy with regulation including finance, accounting, real estate, and legal.  Using the same technology that IBM used to ingest 25 million medical diagnoses and manuals, IBM Watson is now being trained to augment and provide quality control capabilities across complex business, legal, and risk management issues. 

The days of having to wait weeks or months for a financial, legal, accounting, or legal matter has been shortened to seconds.  KPMG, a global accounting firm, illustrated how they are able to support their audit staff with cognitive analysis of client files, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy on the audit process (and speeding up the activity significantly).  

This digital disruption brought about by IBM Watson, will no doubt pose career impactful questions to these industries and the millions of those employed therien.   IBM hit these topics head on during the event, speaking about the importance of humanity focusing on the greatest issues as we augment the historic jobs with cognition (e.g. climate,  global diversity, and a sustainable world economy).

Creative cognition

A final area of transformation now possible is the ability to combine the creative process with a cognitively informed ‘best fit’ through millions of assessments done.   IBM Watson has helped designers create new artistic designs for clothing (including a ‘lit’ dress shown on the runways), and with AlexDaKid (@alexdakid) the pop music producer in the production in a new and top trending pop music song.   

In both cases, trending data of human creative endeavors and sentiment were analyzed, and new artistic impressions were jointly developed.   


IBM has cognitive business solutions in place with IBM Watson, ready to be utilized by any company

On the heels of the Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce  announcements of artificial intelligence ahead on their product roadmaps or in beta today, the steps ahead illustrated by IBM provide a clear vision of a company focused on a world-changing ‘moonshot’ – to make it possible for over 1 billion people to be supported by the cognitive platform that is IBM Watson in the next 18 months.  

Given the direction of travel shown at this week’s conference in Las Vegas, IBM seems to have put their money on the right cards.


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