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Drinks & Digital: IBM Watson and You - March 2016

By now you may have heard about IBM Watson - the thinking computer from IBM which can analyze medical records, legal policies, and financial data - providing deep insights into complex topics. Plus, IBM Watson plays Jeopardy rather well. 

Have you wondered whether IBM Watson could be leveraged for your business? Tuesday evening March 15th we will be sharing insights from the recent global IBM conference on the uses of Watson that are emerging quickly and how you can get started in the use. 

Please join us for an evening of insight on IBM Watson, free food and drinks at our host location Serendipity Labs - 1 South Wacker Drive Chicago IL.

We get started between 5 and 5:30pm on Tuesday March 15th - wrapping up in time to make that 7 pm train!   Click here to sign up for event list (item two on the pick list!)