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Drinks N Digital Oct 26: The generation of Artificial Intelligence is here

The next generation of A.i. is here.png

Forget the hype - the next generation of Digital Business is here with Artificial intelligence enabling faster, better service, support, customer sales, and delivery!  

Join us Thursday evening October 26th for our next Drinks N Digital where IPSoft will share their Amalia platform and how it transforms the business experience of companies.   You may be using it already in your life!   

RSVP TODAY, we will be hosting at TechNexus at 20 North Wacker Drive in Chicago, 12th floor.   

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A day at the Digital Beach: Accounting in the Digital Age


Growing a business or just starting a new company, and looking for the right digital accounting platforms to keep track of your growth? 

Join us on August 3 for our Summer Social and presentation from LANCE CPA GROUP - an accounting firm that specializes in digital accounting platforms, entrepeneurial startups, and growth minded companies. Learn how digital platforms and integrate with corporate banking solutions, account for receivables and payables, and even manage the monthly accounts to keep your board happy.

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Build a practical digital strategy for your business (webinar)

Digital platforms. Digital transformation. Digital everything.That's great - where do you start to make sense of the hype and the reality of digital business?

Join us August 1 for a webinar on the right first steps to help build a digital strategy for your business! We will explore how to frame the digital business opportunity, identify low-hanging fruit, and how to move ahead with confidence.

Getting ready for the budget season? Now is the time to make your digital plans! Join us Tuesday August 1st!

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Winning the Talent War with Digital Labor: Learn how with Rhinodox

How do you win the digital talent war? 

Digital labor and workforce automation are new methods to succeed in a tight talent market. Improve both customer and employee experience while growing margins greater than revenues. Utilizing the Worklight platform from Rhinodox, you can win the digital talent war before it even starts!

Join us the evening of July 13th at TechNexus to learn how you can win with the Worklight Platform from Rhinodox!

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Lead digital: Project Leadership in the Digital Age

Drinks N Digital June 2017 - Project Leadership in the Digital Age

In the Digital Age, projects move faster and there are more opportunities for success (or not!) On Thursday night June 22nd, Learn better digital leadership techniques from experts Kimi Hirotsu Ziemski and Michael Bender at KSP Partnership, and how they help companies solve the digital project challenge!    

About Drinks N Digital events

Drinks N Digital is a monthly event sponsored by Practically Digital highlighting new and innovative companies in the Chicago area, ensuring great people connect! Join us for an evening of digital transformation insights and connecting with an amazing network of business and technology executives! 

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Assure Digital: Drinks-N-Digital event on supply chain quality assurance

When your supply chain contains hundreds of components, and the quality of those requires precision and control, digital assurance matters! GQSA will present their industry leading platform that helps aviation, food & beverage, and manufacturing clients keep track of supply chain quality throughout the lifecycle. Join us for a Drinks N Digital event on Thusday night, April 20th at Serendipity Labs!

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Transformation 2017: Starting the Digital Year right

Ready for digital business in 2017? Join us on Tuesday January 31st to start your digital year right!

For our first DrinksNDigital event for the year, we will share how the digital customer experience will take center stage for digital business, utilizing leading platforms to super charge the journey. From digital marketing and sales engagement, to customer journey mapping and procure to payment, we will provide an executive briefing on the capabilities, platforms, and players that will make a digital difference in 2017 ahead.

Sign up today to ensure a seat at this transformative event for the year ahead!   Early Bird Registration is open from December 21 to January 6th (no fee).  From January 7th to January 30th, registration is $15.   

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Go Digital this Holiday Season

Ready for the holiday season?  We are!   

Join us on the evening of December 7th at TechNexus for our holiday season event, celebrating a year of business, digital transformation, and networking in Chicago!    

See who wins the first annual DTA! During the event we will announce the Digital Transfomers Award winner for 2016, and enjoy an evening of connections before the full holiday season commences!   

RSVP today for the evening of December 7th: drinks, tasty food + great people will make for a relaxing evening and digital insights! 

Recommended for: CxO's, leaders in Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, and Technology in the Chicagoland area.  Please bring cards, open networking is welcome (please keep the sales pitches to a minimum!) 

Dress code: Business casual / smart (whatever that means!) - it's a holiday party ! 

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Rise of the Cognitive Business - Drinks N Digital event on IBM Watson updates

The Rise of the Cognitive Business - Learn how new capabilities and solutions from IBM and other leading technology companies are providing 'thinking machine' benefits to companies in all industries.   

On November 14th, insights from the recently concluded IBM World of Watson will be shared, use cases identified, and new innovation capabilities illustrated.  Learn how you can build a virtual agent for your company with IBM Watson, and how industries like Accounting and Transportation are now benefiting from cognitive computing.

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7:30am 7:30am

Be known as the digital leader you are - Digital Transitions briefing for TLA

TLA Friday October 28th Morning Meeting

 Technology Leaders Association (TLA) was established in 2002 to help senior level IT executives develop and manage their careers.  As part of this effort, we hold monthly meetings to network, share ideas, and learn from featured guest speakers in the strategy, information technology, and career management fields. 


Our speaker for October is Rob McGillen, CEO at Practically Digital who will present, "Be known as the digital leader you are."

As technology leaders in transition, learning what new techniques, tools, and resources can help differentiate in the market place is important in your transition journey.  

 During our executive briefing, you will learn how to go beyond the usual LinkedIn resume updates, to engage potential employers and referrals with digital communications, branding and marketing techniques that differentiate.  Be known as the digital leader you are! 

Date:  Friday, October 28th

Where:  Central States Funds, 9377 W. Higgins Road, Rosemont
Cost:  No charge

For reservations, (1) Please sign up online on the TLA website (www.techleaders.net) under 'Events' - or, if you don't have access to the website, (2) Please reply to patrick.moroney@gmail.com with your name and telephone number.

For location information:  Contact Jim Anfield atjames.anfield@gmail.com.

Reservations must be made before noon on Thursday, October 27th with the first 80 reservations accepted.  No walk-ins please.

 If you have reserved and are unable to attend, as a courtesy to our host, please send a note to Pat Moroney at patrick.moroney@gmail.com.


Central States Funds is located at 9377 W. Higgins Rd. in Rosemont at the southeast corner of River Rd. and Higgins.  Enter off of the Higgins side of the corner then turn left/east to 9377.  There is free visitor parking in front of the building but TLA visitors are encouraged to use the parking lot north of the 9377 building.  Enter the parking garage and press the security gate button to speak to the security guard.  Let the security guard know that you are attending the TLA meeting.  They will raise the security gate to allow you access to the garage.  You can park in any spot from the 2nd floor to the top of the garage that is not reserved.  The TLA meeting will be held on the first floor in the B/C Training/Conference Room.  You do not need a security badge for access to this room.  There is also a full-service cafeteria near the room for anyone who wants to purchase food or beverages.



7:00am - 7:15am                    Check-in and coffee
7:15am - 8:30am                    Structured networking - 2 table rounds
8:30am - 8:40am                    Announcements
8:40am - 9:30am                    Rob McGillen

9:30am                                   Adjourn


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9:00am 9:00am

#BREXIT and the technology leader: webinar on the key considerations for technology leaders

As the world awakens to the news of the UK vote to exit the European Union, there are a number of business and technology considerations which should be considered by technology leaders to best prepare.   Join us on July 5th for our webinar on near term considerations and better practices for technology leadership during this dynamic time.   

Download our first thoughts PDF on the BREXIT impact for technology leaders

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Drinks & Digital: IBM Watson and You - June 29th

IBM Watson (www.ibm.com/watson) is changing the world in massive ways and in every industry.  Learn how you can begin to use the IBM Watson platform, what is available, and how others are making the most of this transformative business solutions.    

Join us for an after-work drinks and digital event focusing on IBM Watson and how you can leverage in your business.    

Bring photo ID - 21 years and older required!     

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Digital mergers - webinar on new innovative techniques to improve the mergers process

With technology at the heart of nearly all businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions are becoming an IT minefield of missed opportunities and complexities.   With the digital solutions now available, there are better ways to conclude the due diligence, post deal integration, and forward operations for any business!    

In this webinar from Practically Digital you can learn new digital techniques to improve your M&A close approach, better manage the M&A tech risks , and help ensure every technology integration has been addressed.    Areas to be covered include IT due diligence, core platforms (ERP, CRM, Risk management), and better practices in the people management journey.   

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Drinks & Digital: IBM Watson and You - March 2016

By now you may have heard about IBM Watson - the thinking computer from IBM which can analyze medical records, legal policies, and financial data - providing deep insights into complex topics. Plus, IBM Watson plays Jeopardy rather well. 

Have you wondered whether IBM Watson could be leveraged for your business? Tuesday evening March 15th we will be sharing insights from the recent global IBM conference on the uses of Watson that are emerging quickly and how you can get started in the use. 

Please join us for an evening of insight on IBM Watson, free food and drinks at our host location Serendipity Labs - 1 South Wacker Drive Chicago IL.

We get started between 5 and 5:30pm on Tuesday March 15th - wrapping up in time to make that 7 pm train!   Click here to sign up for event list (item two on the pick list!)

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Drinks & Digital: insights from CES2016

Each year technology companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to introduce new solutions (both concepts and actual products) to the world.   Many go onto influence our digital work and personal lives.

Practically Digital attended the CES 2016 this year, and will share insights into what is coming.  Over a glass of Pinot or a beverage of your choice, join us to hear first hand what is new and exciting, and discuss the impact on your own world!  

Click here to register for the event (please RSVP by January 25 to confirm space!)



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