In the digital journey, how far along are you?

Companies large and small are on the digital transformation journey, finding new capabilities and customer experiences that make a digital difference.   Often we are asked "How do we compare with others in our industry?"  By participating in the digital transformation index (DTI), you will know.

The DTI Survey for 2016 opens on November 1st and runs until November 30th.  We will analyze all completed results and provide a benchmark report (anonymizing details) for Chicagoland companies.    
PLUS ! For each company that submits a completed survey, we will provide a comparative report for you against your industry (and overall response set) to help measure your progress.

Be known as the digital leader you are: Digital Transformer of the Year Award!  

Any company that completes a survey result can nominate themselves for "Digital Transformer of the Year", a special recognition of the business that is illustrating the hallmark digital capabilities and experiences that leading companies pursue.   A three expert panel will evaluate the submissions, and the winner of the 2016 Digital Transformation Award will be announced at our Holiday event on December 7th.   

areas of measurement that are part of the Digital Transformation Index

  • Digital marketing and customer engagement What techniques, capabilities, and measurements are you utilizing to measure your customer engagement?  

  • Digital sales success  Has your company adopted and mastered digital sales enablement processes and solutions that help drive conversion? 
  • Digital transactions  How are you helping smooth the process of acquiring goods and services from your company by customers?
  • Digital operations - does your business enable internal teams to align processes and platforms in an optimal way?  If so, what are the key capabilities you leverage that make that possible.   
  • Digital collaboration - Once you have a customer, how do you ensure the experience is collaborative and makes the process of working together a digitally simple experience?  
  • Digital innovation - what techniques, solutions, or capabilities are you delivering to the market that are distinguishing yourself digitally?   How does this impact the bottom line and grow the business.