Digital transaction management

The journey to a digital business starts with finding areas for improvement - reducing friction, delays, or solving complex problems that plague all businesses.  One area faced by all companies, the sales close process and the time it takes to agree, to agree! 

Digital transactions, the process of creating, approving, and recording contracts digitally, is a great first digital step.   Making this change helps with client sales, employee starts, and vendor procurement.   All areas that a business spends administrative time and effort performing each week.   

DTM (digital transaction management) is an area we focus on to help clients improve their business.   With insights from Aragon Research on leading platforms, and practical advice on how to make it work in your business, we bring a transformative experience to your sales, contracts, and HR team.   

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The benefits and capabilities that DTM provides

Beyond signing the standard agreement templates, leading DTM platforms now workflow enable the review and contracts process, ensuring that sign offs, compliance checks, and terms can be automatically updated as you engage with your customers digitally.    Sales teams can focus on the close (versus the paper chase), and HR ensures they have the right personnel records on file for each new hire.   

Leading platforms provide integration with CRM and ERP platforms that ensure the right data is captured and passed through, keeping the information straight as you bring on the new client or employee.    

Curious to learn which platforms might work for your company?  

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