digital marketing & your brand

When we work with clients on digital marketing, the topic of digital brand becomes a first area for discussion.   Our clients are turning to digital marketing to help build business awareness, promote a new product / service, or enter a new market segment with digital communications.  

To achieve these goals - the digital dialog focuses on the company brand – how is the real world experience translated into a digital  experience that is both engaging, and reinforcing to the broader business itself.  

Areas of focus include the digital brand message itself, the brand promise, and the brand delivery / experience.  Digital marketing enhances each of those aspects of a brand, however they do not exist in silos.  Each compliments, reinforces (or not) the others.  With digital capabilities, the brand can be super-charged (or equally not) by the digital experience potential / current customers have with your business.

Ensuring that digital branding message is right (and for the right audience) is important.   There are fundamental questions to ask yourself about your current (and future) digital branding experience.     


top questions to ANSWER as you focus

on your digital brand 

  • First on the brand message – are you clear in what you are selling / offering to the market place?  This is marketing / branding 101 – however in today’s digital age often times it is forgotten in the rush to setup a digital presence, have a website, ‘tweet’ etc.   

  • Second -  what is your message to the market?   Do you say that in your digital experience often and in a demonstrable way?   More importantly, does your message invoke a call to action (read more, contact us, learn, download, try, buy!)
  • Third – How, where, and when does your digital experience deliver the brand experience?   - In what channels (e.g. email, website, search engine Adword buys, online media advertising banners)?    How often and is it targeted (do you tailor the message and delivery to the audience or just blast it out)?     

Once you have these questions clarified, then it is time to look into the tool box of digital resources to get to work!

Want to learn how to digitally super charge your brand and improve your digital marketing efforts?     Get in touch!