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Working with Practically Digital can be transformative. Below are a sample of our client experiences and their insights from the work performed by our firm.

Client: ReX Health (
Healthcare / Technology / Cognitive Computing (IBM Watson)

About the client / solution:  

          Laura Marsh, CEO - ReX

          Laura Marsh, CEO - ReX

"As an early stage company in the Health technology industry, finding the right partner to help us achieve our technology vision was crucial.   Practically Digital has helped us validate and envision our technology stack, while translating complex medical and business concepts to the technology marketplace.  

Rob's technology leadership, executive level experience, and collaborative approach makes for a smart and enjoyable partnership." 

ReX is a transformative health technology company bringing together electronic patient information and curated online content to better educate patients and their families around diagnose and healthcare treatment.  With only 12% of the populate estimated to be 'health literate' - making informed decisions for one's health care, finding quality resources, and self educating is a daunting activity (especially when ill).   Through the use of cognitive computing and integration of health care portals and medical education materials, ReX provides a new way to help all make better informed health decisions.   

Client Deliverables include technology strategy formation, ideation workshops, vendor evaluations, technology prototyping, and investment meetings support.    Technologies include IBM Watson, electronic medial record systems (Epic, Inter-systems), and online educational  /medical content.    

"I would recommend without hesitation Practically Digital to any company seeking a dependable, transformative, and practical technology partner.   Rob and Practically Digital have helped us fine tune and focus our technology vision and prepare our business for launch." 

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