Success Matters | Recent client case studies 

A sample of recent client case studies where we helped companies achieve digital capabilities to drive growth and market differentiation.   

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Digital Strategy

A professional services company was seeking a digital strategy to help differentiate in the marketplace and drive engagement for their brand.  

We focused on digital brand building, digital marketing techniques, CRM integration, and sales enablement capabilities that help drive growth. Expertise in CRM, CMS, Digital Marketing / Social media, and transaction management (Docusign) were delivered.  


Digital Transformation

A not for profit organization was struggling to manage a flow of numerous contact points to the association, while presenting a common vision  / message to the market that was mobile friendly and easy to use.  

For the client we conducted a content management platform selection, implemented the selected CMS, and launched a social media / digital marketing campaign to re-introduce the digital experience to association members.    

Strategy & Cognitive computing selection 

An early stage company was seeking a digital 'go to market' strategy for their new product, including how a cognitive computing platform makes a major difference in the experience.  

We helped evaluate the market place, developed the technology and engagement strategy, and formulated the cognitive computing vision and platform selection.

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What our clients say about working with us

Customer Satisfaction - our NetPromoter Score 

We measure our success by our clients' satisfaction.  For our engagements in the past year+, we have delivered a 10 on 10 NetPromoter Score.  

“As an early stage company in the Health technology industry, finding the right partner to help us achieve our technology vision was crucial.   Practically Digital helped us validate and envision our technology stack, while translating complex medical and business concepts to the digital marketplace” – Founder and CEO

“This was an exemplary instance of a shared services program design.  The (PD) team was focused on our needs and ensuring the recommended vendor offering was trustworthy.  We would give the implementation an ‘11’” 
- Business Leader

“… (PD) looked at the opportunities optimistically and worked through the problems we encountered.  Helped us reduce complexity, increase reliability, and reduce costs with digital answers. " - CIO